Video analytics solution designed for you

A video analytics solution exclusively designed for industry, which uses a complex web of several deep learning models working in tandem to deliver accurate results. The complexity is hidden using suitable layers of abstraction and made simple for the end-user.

One-stop solution for Video cognition

Video Analytics

Generate rich meta-data for all types of video securely and in near real-time..


The video data is processd securely and locally to keep your business interest safe.

Live Statistics

Watch how your video is analyzed in near real-time.

Use case-Content Moderation

As more content is generated and getting more democratized, there are several challenges to be addressed. To ensure that the right content is served to the right audience and that the viewers’ discretion is honoured, AI-based content moderation becomes essential.

AIVA unifies advanced deep-learning models with appropriate business logic to form an expert system for a highly efficient content moderation.

You are at the right place with AIVA

The solution is focussed on addressing business needs with utmost simplicity, while providing unmatched quality of service.

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